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Once you know how to work with your energy

you can heal and create your reality.


With my offerings, I share a method of deep transformation & embodiment

which has helped me on my journey from feeling stuck, disconnected and overwhelmed

to being free, empowered and sovereign.


Command your energy

to create your reality

Heal your past & 

release triggers & trauma

Call back your energy

live with authenticity

Un-program your mind & let go of limiting beliefs

Connect with your

inner wisdom & guides

Co-create with nature & spirit

Know your purpose & align your intention

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Cultivate spiritual practices &

light body activations

"Skye said I would need a telescope to see where I had come from.


She is so right! Thank you, Skye."   ~ Nicole


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"Life changing."    ~ Anna


~ a 12-week program ~

Understand the power of your mind & energy

and learn how you create your reality.

In this program, you will learn how to end self-sabotage and

how to use your thoughts & beliefs to create

what is important to you.​


~ a 9-month system of deep healing & self-illumination ~

Undo negative programming,

connect with your spiritual nature and

increase your mental, emotional & physical vitality. 

In this program, you will learn how to let yourself of triggers,

trauma & unresolved stories by taking ownership of

how you use your energy.

What emerges is your true self.

You will experience a deep knowing of

who you are and why you are here.

You will create massive healing and transformation

from the inside out.


"In a short time, I made massive leaps in very tangible ways (physical health, relationships, career, finances) but those are almost side effects of my deeper transformation. I’ve reconnected with my authentic self, have begun to shed the things that are no longer important to me and now attract the things I want more of... but with an ease and effortlessness that would have seemed unimaginable

not that long ago."  ~  Aaron

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Skye will share teachings, practices & tools for the cultivation and deepening of your relationship

with benevolent & compassionate allies for your and

our collective healing & awakening.

Sacred ceremony as a way of life.


~ a 12-month immersion for

inner guidance, healing & remembering ~

Bridge your spiritual nature into your daily life.


Connect deeper with yourself than ever before,

cultivate a relationship with your Higher Self,

the realm of nature & spirit world, and feel whole again.


Practice receiving guidance for your day-to-day

and living in harmony with the earth,

 and naturally create your most beautiful impact in the world

- by being your most authentic, beautiful YOU.

Dr. Skye Zimmermann, MD, L.Ac.

Guide and catalyst for personal growth, deep healing and spiritual awakening,

sharing tangible wisdom teachings and transformational practices

for how to master our energy and live an empowered life.

I was born and raised in socialist East Germany, the Berlin Wall in front of our kitchen window.

At 12 years old, several years before the fall of that wall, my family and I immigrated to West Germany.

As a child, I was highly sensitive, intuitive and connected with the realm of nature & spirit.

However, the world around me did not support these qualities and I learned to shut them down.

Years later, feeling unfulfilled with practicing Western medicine, I radically changed my life.

I moved to Boulder, Colorado, where I transitioned my love for medicine to holistic healing arts like

Chinese medicine, shamanic & energy healing as well as transformational life coaching.

These trainings as well as spending time alone in nature, relating with the earth, the elements and spirit, 

time with indigenous peoples and wisdom keepers of uncompromised traditions,

as well as critical events in my personal life initiated a deep change and awakening inside of me.

As I continuously let go of stories, defenses and projections,

I find myself remembering the wisdom & beauty of my inner child.

I now experience more aliveness, connection, joy and meaning than I thought possible.

I recognize that what separates us from being happy lies in us

not giving ourselves permission to know and love ourselves and one another.

We are in the time of the Great Awakening, of the people remembering who they really are, eventually coming together as One.

It is time to put spiritual concepts into action and bridge our practices into our daily life and communities.

If you are on the journey of self-discovery

and you would like a guide at your side,

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

~ Mahatma Gandhi