As a catalyst for personal & spiritual growth and healing,

I am sharing teachings and self-healing practices

to support you during this global and personal shift from

3D to 5D consciousness.

In this powerful time of change and awakening, it is important to understand that we are the creators of our reality both individually as well as collectively.


Gandhi said "Be the change you wish to see in the world." ... he is speaking to the importance of self-responsibility.

My offerings focus on facilitating conscious creation of our health and lives that is in alignment with our hearts and in harmony with our core values and life purpose.

To this end, I share holistic teachings and medicine to assist you on your journey of healing, remembering and awakening the beautiful & powerful being that you are. 

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1:1 & Group Coaching

In my coaching programs, I guide you through an effective system of transformation which helps you shift out of your current state of overwhelm, loss of direction or dis-ease to living in greater alignment with your own truth.  

From that place, you will naturally turn challenges into opportunities, embody your true power and live your life more fulfilled and on purpose.  


Private Healing Sessions

In my transformational healing sessions (virtual or in person), I draw from my experience as a holistic practitioner (in western as well as complimentary medicine) as well as the intuitive guidance I receive, to support you on your individual path to more health & wholeness, freedom and peace.

Events & Workshops

The events I offer are immersions into an experience of stretching into more of who you are - through sharing information, wisdom, practices & ceremony in a safe & sacred space in community which allows for an opening and activating of your innate intelligence & power as the sovereign being you are.

Let's Live, Love & Create Unconditionally!

Dr. Skye Zimmermann

- 27 years of practicing holistic medicine

  (Medical Doctor, Acupuncturist, Chinese

   herbologist, Qi Gong practitioner,

   Shamanic practitioner, Somatic 

   practitioner, Quantum practitioner)

- published and interviewed health expert

- transformational mentor/coach

- leading transformational workshops as

   well as in-depth coaching programs

- student of life, consciousness &

  ancient heart-based wisdom traditions;


"Working with Skye, my income has more than doubled, I enjoy more and richer relationships and in general, I feel more positive, more confident and more alive." CM

Working with a skilled coach or mentor who cares within a reliable system of support,

is what makes the difference between thinking about your dream and living it.  

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Dr. Skye Zimmermann

1650 38th Street, Suite 100E, Boulder, CO 80301


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