Is it time to wake up yet and to remember who you really are?

To know why you are here and to experience, create and deliver the very things you came for?

If your answer is YES, then you are ready to connect with yourself and life in a whole new way and uncover and harness your very own essence, your voice of truth and your creative power. Then you are ready to face and let go of what is holding you back, turning your pain into wisdom and walking the path out of darkness and into the light.

As your guide, I will assist you in reconnecting with your own source of power, knowing and purpose. Being in touch with this, you live a joyful, highly creative and fulfilling life with great inner strength and aliveness, rich relationships,  freedom and impact.

"Having overcome great trauma and difficulty in my own life, I would love to give hope to everyone

that there is a path out of pain and struggling and into our own greatness. 

We all came to walk it, and we don't have to walk it alone."

~ Skye


It takes an unlearning and undoing of what's never worked for you.

It starts with making the decision to prioritize yourself because you realize that you can't truly give love without loving yourself first.

It takes learning how to connect with your higher mind and access greater intelligence for guidance and realizing your purpose.


It takes learning how to use your mind to create what you would love and stop self-sabotaging behaviors or living on auto-pilot, thereby ending the cycle of overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, depression and feeling lost.


And it takes releasing emotional pain and trauma from the past to break out of the state of suffering, but draw experiences, relationships and circumstances to you that expand your life.

This way, you are deeply connected to yourself, and clarity, confidence and inner peace naturally emerges.


You feel more connected to LIFE, to CREATION, and live in alignment with your innate values and vision, the place from which real power comes.

Nicole's experience

Chris's experience

Ngan's experience


Imagine ...


  • You feel safe and supported in life.

  • You feel inspired and you are clear on the deeper meaning and purpose of your life.

  • You know how to use your thoughts, words, emotions, actions in synch and in alignment with that deeper knowing, that vision of yours.

  • You create what is important and what feels good to you, using your skills and talents, generating results with ease and from your place of genius, and sharing it with your community.

This is not wishful thinking, but the natural byproduct of learning how to use your the power of your thoughts to create what you would love, as well as doing the inner work of optimizing what I call "your operating system", your mental, emotional and physical body, guided by the intelligence of your ENERGY BODY, to be more specific, your chakra system.


(What is a chakra? Simply put, a chakra is a center of energy that regulates the different processes of the physical, mental and emotional body. If a chakra is not operating at its ideal frequency, it tends to lead to imbalances in our human experience and health.) 

When that system runs the way it was designed to, you actually experience the qualities in life you are looking for.


  • You experience safety, stability and a sense of belonging.

  • You express your unique essence and creativity.

  • You live from your personal power and in alignment with your values.

  • You freely give and receive love, trusting life.

  • You know and express your inner truth and know your purpose.

  • You see things clearly and have great intuitive & intellectual abilities.

  • You feel connected to all of life and know you are ONE with the Universe and with Source.

But most of us have unknowingly adopted limitations along the way and patterns of struggle, discontent and disease show up.

Being prepared by my life-long studies and practices within the fields of medicine, energy and consciousness, and after spending several hours a day for months in nature in a very present and prayerful state in 2020, I spontaneously received a powerfully transformational, effective and structured way of working with and through the chakra system to bring healing to our mind, emotions and body, reconnecting us with our true nature as spiritual beings in a human body.


With this information, I was guided to create a program for healing and transformation which I have supported my clients with ever since. It is called EVOLVE.

Our chakras are our energetic blueprint for our health and strength as human beings (body, mind, emotions - connected with spirit), to bring us to our ideal expression, for most of us a higher frequency, a higher level of consciousness.

And from a higher level of consciousness, we are naturally more aware of the Truth of our Being and the reality we live in, as well as more resourced to live and create the life we came for. 

You could name this Ascension, or the evolution from living in the fear-based 3rd dimension reality to experiencing 4th and eventually anchoring into 5th dimensional reality, where peace, harmony and unity reign. 

This is what Aaron, CO, says about his experience:

"At the start, the Evolve program seemed like it could be too esoteric. However, the classes and private sessions have proven to be extremely practical and deeply personal. I’ve been able to free up a ton of emotional space which has already led to major positive shifts in myself, my relationships and my career. The best part is that I’m just beginning to experience the impact of this work.”



~ a 12-week program ~

Learn how to harness the power of your mind to create the life you desire.

This program is all about learning to use your thoughts and align your energy to manifest.

It is the ideal precursor for EVOLVE.

Available as

- 1:1 coaching with Skye. To see if you are a good fit, book your  

- or as a self-study



~  a 9-month deep dive into YOU ~

Make the journey from your head to your heart and heal your body, mind & emotions. Reconnect with your true nature and 

take back your power.

This program is all about creating deep transformation to become the amazing creator being that you are.

At this time, Skye is offering EVOLVE for

1:1 coaching and for 10 clients a year only.

To see if you are a good fit and if you qualify

and Skye will contact you.

In the near future, it will also be available here as a self-study course with optional healing sessions with Skye.


I share this with you because I have walked that journey myself. And I am still walking it.

A life-long thirst for deeper understanding of life and love for growth & knowledge, coupled with very challenging childhood experiences and the hunger to overcome the trauma that I felt kept me from experiencing a happy and free life, led me to searching for answers and solutions.


Little did I know that only by embracing the very things I wanted to run away from would I find the peace, self-love and strength I had been looking for

Today, I am immeasurably grateful for every part of this journey as well as for the guides and mentors that supported me along the way, embodied and in spirit.

And I have the privilege of offering myself as your ally as you find your path to living your greatest version and turning your longing and difficult experiences into pure wisdom and strength, for a life well-lived.

Dr. Skye Zimmermann

1650 38th Street, Suite 100E, Boulder, CO 80301


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