Dr. Skye Zimmermann

mentor, mystic, medicine woman

Skye has trained and worked in different fields of Medicine since 1994.


Her experience ranges from the very physical approach of Western Medicine (research, Pediatric MD) to Energy Medicine (Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Qi Gong healing), to emotional & spiritual healing (somatic work, Shamanic Healing) to quantum healing and harnessing the power of the mind & consciousness (life coach & mentor) to create a desired outcome.

After experiencing a life-changing spiritual shift in 2020, she is now primarily assisting those who are committed to their journey of deep healing and awakening and who want to create their purpose and live a difference making life.

"Being compelled to be alone in nature for hours each day for months, I received transformational information and practices to assist others on their path of creating their live's purpose, healing and reconnecting with their own source of truth and personal power.


I love guiding people who wish to create real transformation in themselves and in their lives."


... and ongoing studies in different fields of cutting edge science, spirituality and medicine.