Dr. Skye Zimmermann

Skye has studied and practiced in different fields of Medicine since 1994.


Her experience ranges from the physical approach of Western Medicine to Energy Medicine, to somatic, emotional & spiritual healing, to working with mind & healing through consciousness and prayer.

She is primarily assisting those who are committed to their journey of deep healing and awakening, and who want to live a difference making life.

"When we let go of what we are not, we discover who we are.

It has been a great privilege to guide people in creating deep healing & transformation 

in themselves and in their lives for 30 years."


  • Western Medical School, Medical Research and Residency in Pediatrics in Germany

  • Master of Oriental Medicine and private practice for Chinese Medicine

  • Daoist lineage Qi Gong Practitioner; Shaolin Kung Fu

  • Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Quantum Healing, Transformational Life Coaching 

  • Immersions and mentorship with indigenous lineages

  • Motherhood

  • Teaching classes & workshops on transformation, empowerment & embodiment since 2015

... and ongoing studies in different fields of cutting edge science, spirituality and medicine.