If you feel called to offer healing work, or if you would love to deepen and widen your skills

as an existing practitioner, you might consider apprenticing with Skye

for one or more of the following offerings.


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Support people by helping them to stop self-sabotage and use the power of their mind to create what they love. 


– a 16-week discovery –



Our mind manifests our reality. 


We lead ourselves through life from the level of consciousness we operate at

and create more or less welcome results & experiences because of it.


In “CONSCIOUS MIND”, you will learn how to create your reality consciously and 

in alignment with your deeper purpose and dreams for a meaningful life.


Receive teachings, tools & practices on how to use the powers of your mind to create 

the life you desire regardless of the challenges you encounter along the way,

and you will then learn how to share it with your own clients.


  • Experience it, expand & create.


  • Guide others to do the same.


– a 12-month journey –



Trauma is the unresolved energy within us which originates from a past experience, and which it creates mental, emotional, spiritual and physical pain and blocks us from knowing and being who we truly are.


We seem to lose our sparkle, our joy, our aliveness,

and life can feel daunting and even meaningless.


But our light is always within us, waiting for us to uncover, embody and share it.


It is through embracing our dark and often unwanted aspects

that we liberate and shine our light.



In “SHADOW WORK”, you will learn how to find, befriend, understand and transmute 

the parts of yourself that you have feared and abandoned and which have 

held you back from living as the magnificent & awake spiritual being 

which you have always been.


Receive teachings, tools & practices on how to release your pain, triggers and fears and find yourself living with the ease, flow and joy you knew as a child.


  • Experience it, heal & evolve.


  • Support others on their journey.



  • Teachings & practicing: understanding and healing the divine blueprint of our energy body as our human operating system (light body, aura, chakras, meridian system, other aspects); 


  • optional: Vision quest (five days on sacred land near Taos, NM)

  • optional: Fire ceremony & stepping into the mantle of a healing vessel (Boulder, CO)

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Guide people on their journey

of deep healing, self love &

self discovery, and help them

embody their light unconditionally.

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Learn the skills of shamanic healing to support people on their journey of self-empowerment.


– a 12-month deep dive into spiritual healing –



We are beings of energy, of light, of consciousness.


Through trauma & challenges, we can lose access to and even memory of

who we really are.



In “CALLING BACK YOUR POWER”, you will be guided on a journey to call back your very own essence as well as release energies you carry that was never yours.


Receive teachings, tools & practices on how to work with consciousness

to return to the wholeness that is your birthright.



  • Experience it, heal, expand and feel yourself alive and empowered.


  • Receive the material, practice with my guidance & support others on their journey.


  • Teachings & practicing: creating sacred space & healthy boundaries; connecting with the realm of spirit; calling in your benevolent allies for the sacred work of healing & divination; becoming a hollow bone & receiving unbiased guidance; cord cutting; soul loss & soul retrieval; cord cutting; other forms of energetic enmeshments; ancestral & DNA healing; curse unravelling; releasing entities with compassion & sovereignty … and more


  • Vision quest (five days near Taos, NM)

  • Fire ceremony & stepping into the mantle of a hollow bone (Boulder, CO)