... because you can.


Like never before, this time is challenging us individually and collectively

to rise above the noise and fear and the destructive old paradigms our world is run by.

Many are already creating new ways of living on our beautiful planet. 


It’s a time of introspection and transformation. Letting go is part of the process, as is taking courage.


Like Einstein said, we can’t solve problems from the same level of consciousness that created them.

We need to rise above our issues as well as differences and find solutions

from a greater level of understanding and perspective.


Every challenge is an opportunity. How are you navigating yours?


The truth is that we all have great potential, but not all of us live from that. 


What holds us back are not our circumstances, but the beliefs we buy into about ourselves

and the world around us.


It is those beliefs that create the meaning we give our daily experiences and

therefor the reality we experience – and re-create.




In these next 21 days, learn how to use your energy for and not against you.


Shift out of old self-sabotaging patterns that keep you feeling stuck and small. 


Practice brief, but powerful daily meditations to install a new of thinking and operating

that is creating more of the freedom, inner peace and well-being all of us want in life.


Work with intention and water (see below for instructions), give back and experience yourself

as the powerful co-creator of your world that you have always been.




I let go of any old patterns of doubt, fear and mistrust, and I open myself to life.

I trust myself.

I let go of any old patterns of shame, guilt and unworthiness,

and I allow abundance and joy to flow into my life.

I take great care of myself.

I let go of any old patterns of blame, resentment and victimhood,

and I make my choices with integrity & sovereignty.

I lead myself and I am free.

I let go of any old patterns of protection, bitterness and indifference, 

and I choose to feel connected with others and to practice compassion.

I choose love.

I let go of any old patterns of hiding, deception and inauthenticity,

and I speak my truth.

I know myself and I am on purpose.


I let go of any old patterns of illusion, confusion, judgment and separation,

and I live with clarity and discernment.

I choose Oneness.

I let go of any old patterns of fear-based ego-mind thinking, positions and attachments to be right, and I let the Divine within me guide me.

I seek to understand and live inspired by my highespotential.


I trust myself and I open to life.


I love myself and I take great care of myself.


I make my choices with integrity & sovereignty. I lead myself. I am free.


I feel connected with others and practice love & compassion.


I express myself freely. I ask for what I need.


I live with clarity and discernment. I choose Oneness.


I seek to understand and let the Divine within me guide me.

I am grateful to be alive.

Watch this Ted talk by Dr. Joe Dispenza to learn more about changing limiting beliefs.


I trust myself and I open to life fully.


I allow beauty and abundance to flow into my life. I receive freely. 

I use my free will in alignment with my core values and for the greater and higher good of all beings. I am sovereign and I am free.


I feel connected with life. I love and forgive freely.


I am who I am and I share myself without holding back.


I l choose to see beauty and to experience Oneness in all things and with all beings.


I surrender to the Divine within me and I express divine will through my life.

I trust that I am here for a reason, and that playing small and

not speaking my truth is not serving anyone. 


I decide to show up fully now, and to participate in a way I have never before.


I set myself free from any paradigms or stories that held me back

from being who I really am, and I will now show up in my full power. 


I recognize that the only thing that is holding me back are the voices in my head,

and I declare that I will learn to trust and follow the wisdom of my heart and

my Higher Self, to let them guide me throughout my day & in my decisions.

I honor the opportunities that are right in front of me in each moment

and with each interaction.

I see the sacredness in all things.



Water is life, and water holds memory.


Our body is made up of more than 60% water. We are the ones who program the water in our body

by what we believe, think, imagine, speak, feel emotionally and feel deserving of and open to.


Through the way we use our energy, we create our internal and external environment.


 The vibration of our energy carries a specific frequency or "message" and will be mirrored

back to us in the universe or quantum field as our health and general life circumstances and experiences.

That’s how it works.


Imagine you could bring more health, a more balanced pH, more life force and a

higher frequency to the water in your area;

to the ocean, the lakes, the rivers and creeks, to the aquifers, springs and clouds.


In "Hidden messages in water", Dr. Masuru demonstrates how our thoughts, words or music have a direct

effect on the geometry, integrity and beauty of water by freezing it into crystals.


Words or sounds of love, of gratitude, of harmony create symmetry, balance and beauty in the crystals,

whereas toxic words or disharmonious music create distorted formations.










What kind of thoughts and words are you sending into the water in and around you?


Praying over or blessing water. 


For the next 21 days, and perhaps for much longer, I invite you to bless the water you are about to drink.

Also, offer some of the water to a local body of water, or the earth,

and speak & feel intentions of healing, of love, of harmony and gratitude into it before you release it.

Here are some examples of what you might say:

water crystals.png


Toward Yourself.

May I be truly happy.
May I live in peace.
May I live in love.
May I know the power of forgiveness.
May I live in recognition that my life has deep meaning and good purpose.

Toward a loved one you’d like to support.

May ... be truly happy.
May ... live in peace.
May ... live in love.
May ... know the power of forgiveness.
May ... live in recognition that my life has deep meaning and good purpose.

Toward humanity.

May all beings be truly happy.
May all beings live in peace.
May all beings live in love.
May all beings know the power of forgiveness.
May all beings live in recognition that my life has deep meaning and good purpose.


I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

Thank you.


I love you. I love you. I love you.

Scientifically conducted studies and group experiments demonstrated that praying into water can balance

the pH of the water of a polluted river or lake and bring about healing. 

Our thoughts & intentions are that powerful.


Notice how little effort it takes to do something that increases life. Notice how meaningful and good it feels. 


You are not the weak and selfish person you might have been told you are.


We are not a disempowered and toxic species some make us out to be.

We might have acted that way at times, but we are also kind, generous and loving.


We are caring, forgiving and beautiful.


We are highly creative and capable of so much.


We have powerful and infinite potential.

Now that times are testing us, what are we, what are you, doing with yours?