This is a powerful practice to help you first release trauma energy that blocks you from experiencing what you would love, and then embody it.


A key in manifesting or co-creating.

About Somatic WorkDr. Skye Zimmermann
00:00 / 07:37

In this audio recording, I talk about what somatic work is and what it does.

Relax your bodyDr. Skye Zimmermann
00:00 / 22:08

This audio recording is to help you get into your body to prepare for doing somatic work.

Somatic Work - the processDr. Skye Zimmermann
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In this audio recording, I guide you through a somatic session.


I do not recommend doing this work on your own if you have significant unresolved trauma.

If you do, give yourself the gift or being supported by a skilled facilitator.

I am available for this work, or you can find a therapist that offers Somatic Experiencing or a similar form of body-centered therapy.


This work can be done in person or via a video call.