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– for individual and collective healing & awakening -



Here is the link for our zoom meeting this week:

Starting in February of 2021, I will offer a bi-monthly virtual gathering of up to 12 committed participants which is devoted to bringing healing and greater awareness to us individuals as well as the entire human collective.

The format of this work is based on Lynne McTaggart’s research which she published in “The Power of 8”. In her book, she shares the structure as well as outcome of many scientific studies and experiments she conducted over the course of several years with thousands of people researching group manifestation. She found that when a group of 6-12 (or more) people holds the same intention for an individual or a global outcome (e.g. the healing of an individual or of a body of water), there are measurable effects that occur on a very predictable basis.

Not only did the individual the healing was for benefit, but most supporting participants would typically describe noticeable healings and changes of different natures as well.

This is true because separateness is an illusion. We ARE all ONE, connected via the web of life and consciousness.

I used to lead a group with this format and was humbled by the power we have when we come together with love and intention.

Benefits I and others have seen from this work:


  • improved health

  • healed relationships

  • desired positive change in career

  • feeling more connected to oneself and the world at large

  • spiritual shift or awakening

  • feeling more resourced and inner calm

I am offering “The power of intention group” at this time again as an opportunity to do what we each can to support each other and humanity as a whole.

Because it is time for us to look inside and realize the tremendous power and responsibility we each have – to learn to direct our energy, our thoughts, words and actions, towards what we would love, towards what creates unity, peace and freedom, and not towards what weakens us, what creates more separation and suffering.

What wold you love to create in your life? Let us support you.

If you feel called to join because you would love personal support on your journey, you are able to commit to meeting twice a month AND you would love to lend some of your energy to bring healing to All, please contact me and I will share more.

Starting Date: Wednesday, February 24th

Cost: $88/month (minimum 3-month commitment - correction from the video)

For more information, watch the video above.